Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For the love of Hennes & Mauritz

After many years of wishing and praying and hoping, the prayers of the fashionistas of Abu Dhabi has been answered! Guess what hip and stylish (and let's not forget: super affordable!) store is opening its first Abu Dhabi branch at the Abu Dhabi Mall?

This practically requires a drum roll, but I know that you must all be excited to know. I am also pretty sure that most of the fashionistas in Abu Dhabi already know that the awesome sauce that is H&M is finally going to open  this Saturday, 6th of November at the Abu Dhabi Mall. The store is going to be located on the first floor beside Claire's and Bershka.

It will officially open on the 6th of November, but they're having a 'premiere night' on the 5th of November at 7pm, H&M has confirmed via their Facebook page. If you attend, you will be one of the first people to purchase from the branch. (You're making history right there!) And! Wait for it.. 15% discounts!

And since we're already talking about H&M, I'm also pretty sure that you all know Lanvin has collaborated with H&M for a collection that will be in the stores on November 23. If you don't, well, now you do. ;-)

The full collection will be available online on November 4, which is TOMORROW. So, you guys go over to H&M's website, and check them out.

But, for the meantime, here's a sneak peek I got from H&M's official Facebook page.

The pink floral-print dress worn by the model carrying the fabulous bags costs Dhs 699

Delicious, right? And here are some of the items from the collection that I (badly) want to purchase.

There is always room for black dresses in my closet!
The second dress to the left costs Dhs 1, 099

But, I won't be able to resist these eye candies!

I swear, I won't go home without those two shirts at the top! The skirt and the top below are very interesting. I wonder how I would look like in those. Hmm.

Like Maria from the Sound of Music, these are a few of my favorite things!
The brooch on the upper right costs Dhs 109, while the bracelet on the lower right costs Dhs 149.

These are making my tummy hungry and my pockets itchy.

I think the photos have given you enough motivation to run to Abu Dhabi Mall this Friday for the opening. I will post the price list later on. Grazia has informed me that they have written the prices in their latest issue. You should definitely grab a copy!

 I hope to see you there! I will definitely be scouting for mazuonas while shopping. So, ladies (and gents), what are we waiting for?

*All photos are courtesy of H&M via their official Facebook page. Thank you, Grazia magazine, for the prices!

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