Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do It Yourself

Sometime last week, I've stumbled upon this post reblogged by quite a few of my followers. I was amazed and tried to do my own version.

So, here's the inspiration:

Credits to Alexandra Lynne

Amazing, right? Later on, I found out that she used her dad's old shirt, hence the size. It's pretty easy to do actually. You see it and you get the concept of how she has done it. So, I encourage you guys to find your dad's old shirt and do your own version! Or better yet, you use your boyfriend's/husband's shirt. It will feel sexier (and let's not forget, sweet). :-) Wish I had one, I'd definitely ransack his closet a lot! :-)

And here's my (lame) attempt on the do-it-yourself shirt dress:

Yes, it's actually a top for me. I used my own shirt, that's why. Her bow is prettier too. And mine's, well, I don't know what that is. :-) The bow effect is not really seen, because the sleeves weren't long enough. *sigh But, I think it still looks good. And yes, I've bothered with makeup. I cringed at the memory of last week's Wardrobe Wednesdays. I will never be caught looking like that again. So yeah, I did a little makeup to cover up my tired and sleepy eyes, and of course, the bags. Hope it worked. ;-)

So there you go for this week's Wardrobe Wednesdays! Do you have any DIY suggestions? Share them with me and I'd try to do my own version of it. Or better yet, do it yourself and send a photo to me via email: You can even go as far as creating a tutorial video, so we can share them with others. :-)

Hope to hear from you soon! :-)

*On a side note, we did not have Tuesdays with Mazuonas this week, because I've been really busy. It's exams week, and work has been pretty hectic. I did not have the luxury we call 'free time'. Hence, I wasn't able to roam around the streets much. Hopefully, we'll have it back next week. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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