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Getting a head start for Spring/Summer 2011

Holidays are almost finished and we will be going back to our busy lives once more. We are days into the end of this year and onto the next one. Tell me you're not excited about that. Just like everything else, fashion trends are changing once again. Some of you, if not all, maybe looking into a change of wardrobe. After all, a new year is a fresh start. Another chance for a new image. A better you. :-)

But before you start throwing the clothes in your wardrobe and buy half of the mall, what are the trends to follow for Spring/Summer 2011? What styles and pieces will be fashionable? Which trend or piece will be making its come back? In layman's terms, what clothes should I throw away and what should I keep in my closet? Too many questions with one simple answer, the Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Forecast.

The designers have already done the shows and by now, their collections, if not sold out, are undergoing production and marketing. And they are probably halfway through coming up with the Fall 2011 collection with the help of the trends.

 Now, trends are a fashion designer's best friend, but may be the enemy of a consumer. Inspiration is very very important but without the guide of the trends,  it may be useless. It basically tells the designers what's fashionable and what's not. For the consumers, it simply tells them what to wear and what not to wear.

So, what should you be caught wearing for the next season?

Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trends:

1. The glamour of the 70's is back.

Think bohemian and sophisticated glamour. Clean and voluminous silhouettes and earthy colors palette are the way to go. Belted, high-waist and wide legged pants, Bow blouses with billowing sleeves. Jumpsuits. Chic and sheer fabrics like satin and silk with metallic accents are advisable.

Koton's Spring/Summer 2011 collection is a very good example of the 70's sophistication:

2. Make way for the bikers.

You have to admit that the military trend is getting old, so it's just about time that we move on to the next one. And in this case, the bikers. Leather, leather, leather. That's all you need to know. You will be seeing a lot of leather pants, leather jackets,  and leather biker boots this season. I knew it. Now, I want that leather jacket more.

Burberry has made an entire collection inspired from the bikers. Delicioso.

3. Punks not dead

This is probably the most controversial trend of the season. One must possess a certain kind of confidence in order to make this trend work. It's different and out of the ordinary, and that's what makes it strong. However, it's what makes it vulnerable as well. Punk is the fine line between playing dress up and being rebellious. And you have to walk that fine line if you want to pull this off.

It has many elements but for this season, it is limited to three: Studs, heavy boots, and safety pins. These elements are quite easy to incorporate into your style. You don't have to actually wear something with these. I find accessories are easier to play with when it comes to punk. :-)

Photo courtesy of
Studs at Balmain S/S 11

Heavy boots at Balmain S/S 11
4. It's 60's all over again

The 60's trend will carry on from this year to the next featuring full circle skirts and below-the-knee hemline dresses. Hips will be flaunted. Light and sheer fabrics in summer colors are advised. Pair that with kitten heels, red lips, cat's eye glasses, after-sex hair, and you're ready to go and conquer the world.

 Other Summer/Spring 2011 trends to go by:

1. Maxi + Sheer

Maxi dresses and skirts in sheer fabrics will be very much in fashion this season. They will be almost lingerie-like in very light summer colors to make it look and feel very comfortable.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2011

Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2011
2. Romance and Lace

Two of the many things that never go out of style: Romance and Lace. Lace has never left the trends. It is classic and timeless. But this season, we're giving lace a twist. Unique lace clothing will be fashionable this season.

Kate Bosworth in Burberry S/S 11
Photo courtesy of

My girl, Leighton Meester, in Marchesa S/S 11
Photo courtesy of
3. Bows out, Tassels in

2010 has been the year of the bows and zippers. And for next year, the tassels will be taking the spotlight. You will be seeing tassels everywhere, clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Get used to it. Or better yet, start looking for tassel-ed clothes and accessories.

Pucci S/S 11

Sonia Rykiel S/S 11
Diane Von Furstenberg S/S 11
4. Jingle your Bell Bottoms

Guess what's back? You'd probably think that this won't be making a comeback anytime sooner, since we're all  used to skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, and the like. But, no. Bell bottoms, as a part of the 70's trend, will be seen in full swing next season. Most of you might be finding it odd and might not be brave enough to wear this. Some of you may even question yourself, can I really wear this outside the house without getting shot? Of course you can. Kidding aside, there are so many reasons why you should wear it. First, they're really very comfy. Second, you can pair it with anything. It's so versatile. You can play with it however you like to adapt to your style.

Opt for bell bottoms that literally ends in a bell-like shape. You can choose to wear a skinny pant but flares from the leg down to the hem in a bell shape, or a fitted one at mid-thigh then gradually flaring to form a straight cut to the hem. Wear either one of these, and I promise you'll be safe. Oh, don't forget to wear them high-waist, preferably belted.

Here's a more descriptive visual:

Derek Lam S/S 11
Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of
5. A tail of the hem

No, they're definitely not for weddings anymore, because this season, tail hems will be all over the place. A tail hem is when the hem is longer at the back and short at the front. It's very similar to a wedding dress. Although, you wouldn't really want to walk in the streets with a dress that long. So, shorter ones than a wedding dress is advisable.

6. Stripped

Stripes have started to dominate women's closet since this winter season. I've been seeing a lot of collections that have stripes. But for the next season, nautical or sailor-like stripes will be very much fashionable, especially if they are in navy blue and white. One should take note that stripes should dominate the whole outfit. It should be the main course, and not just an appetizer. But, I wouldn't mind if it was dessert.

Kate Moss

Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel in Coco Chanel
Photo courtesy of
Spring/Summer 2011 Accessory Trends:

1. It's raining cats

It will be raining cat sunglasses next summer. Prada has already started this trend last A/W 2010. But it will be making stronger reappearance in Spring/Summer 2011. It will definitely stand strong alongside the 70's trend.

Prada A/W 10

Tom Ford

Spring/Summer 2011 Shoe Trends:

With the comeback of the 70's, the shoes are sure to follow. Therefore this season, clogs and kitten heels will be fashionable next to the 70's trends. Pair your outfits with these lovely shoes and you're good to go.

Stella McCartney

Photo courtesy of
Now that you have everything you need for next season. Are you excited? We definitely have a lot of retro stuff going on, so to keep things cheap and practical, you can always raid your mom's or your grandma's closet for vintage but timeless pieces. ;-)

But whether you will buy or raid, I say just enjoy dressing up for this season. Have fun. And whatever you do or wear, never forget that your confidence will outshine any trendy item you have. And a smile is the best way to do that. Oh, and good posture too. ;-)

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