Monday, January 17, 2011

Of music videos and sunglasses

From my previous post, I mentioned that I've been watching KPOP(Korean Pop) music videos lately. One of the music videos I love is Go Away by 2NE1. I just love its catchy beat and the concept of the video. But what I loved more are their outfits. They wore a lot of leather and prints, which I think is a very good combination. On top of all that though,  these pair of sunglasses that was worn by CL, the group's leader, caught my eye (no pun intended).

I love this particular pair the most. The shape is very interesting and the studs around them looks very badass. ;-) I've been looking for it all over the web and found that Linda Farrow is the one who designed it. It's available in for 155EUR (about 700DHS).

by Linda Farrow
Order them from now!

Here is another pair from the same video that I love. At first, I thought it was from Ray-Ban. But after doing a little research, it is actually from Thierry Lasry. I can't find the exact design from their latest collection. But, the ones that are available are also very stylish. I love the colors! I hope they have something in turquoise or pink, though. :-)

This is the pair from the video.

Sunglasses is one of the accessories that I can't live without, especially if you're leaving in a place like Abu Dhabi where it's always sunny. I've always worn aviators, but I think that I would be trying on new shapes this year for a change. But since these are so expensive, I'll be keeping an eye out for cheaper alternatives. I hope you'll do the same too. ;-)