Friday, January 7, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award ❤

Earlier this week, The Mazuona received its first ever award, *drumroll please* the Stylish Blogger Award, from the awesome Victoria Hughes of Garden of Eden Designs!

 Thank you so so much again for this award, Victoria! I wish you all the best in your blog (and in everything else!). Continue being stylish and inspiring a lot of people! :-)

But of course, the one who receives this award has to do the following things:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. 
2.  Share 7 things about yourself. 
3.  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers. 
4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award! 

So that's what I'm about to do now. First things first, I'm going to share the seven things about me. But, I believe that the Biography page of this site has already told you enough information. So, let's twist this a little bit. I'm going to tell you seven things that you might not know about me. :-) Here they are:

1. The most basic fact that a lot of people might not know or might have just overlooked is that my second name is Mae. That's what my family calls me, especially the young kids. So, my full name is Eura Mae. But please don't start calling me that. ;-))

2. I run on a nocturnal schedule, a(n) (evil) creature of the night. I find that I work the best at this time. I can't think well if everyone in our house is still awake. I work from around 11 in the evening till 3 in the morning. If I'm lucky (no job for the day) I get to sleep in until around 10. But if not, then I have to make sure that my work is finished by 12.

3. I have too many black clothes, especially dresses. If I like a certain item (clothes, shoes, accessories), I would always go for the black one. But my favorite color is turquoise. I just think that black is so versatile and classy.

The dark side of my closet. They're not complete though. And they're totally messy. Sorry. :-)

4. Karl Lagerfeld and I share the same birthday. So, if you want to know my birthday, google his. ;-) Yes, I had to share that. It's a fact that I am very proud of. To have a connection with someone you look up to is such an honor, even if it's just sharing the day of your birth. 

Photo courtesy of
5. I have a total of 9 tattoo designs that I would want to get permanently inked on various parts of my body. They are certain words, music lyrics, quotations and symbols that mean so much to me. I'm just waiting for my parents to agree, and I swear I will run off to the first tattoo parlor I can find.

6. I am a lyrics girl. It means that I value the lyrics of a song more than its rhythm. If the lyrics is something I can relate to/that inspires me, then I would love it no matter how its rhythm sucks.

7. Things that I can't leave the house without: my Blackberry, my iPod, sunglasses, wallet, at least one notebook and pen, makeup kit, and perfume. I swear. No matter how far I am from the house, I have to go back and get whatever I forgot to bring. 

L-R: my makeup kit, notebook, sunglasses, Blackberry, wallet, Alabaster by Banana Republic, iPod 
There you go guys. I hope you had fun discovering new things about me. I think I got carried away there for a bit. I really tend to talk too much. Anyway, now we're off to my favorite bloggers. I am a big fan of everyone. They are who I visit the most and I am very inspired by each of them. I hope you also take time to visit their pages and be inspired as well.

The Coveted

The list goes on. I think this wasn't enough to show all the bloggers that continue to inspire me. So, if you want to know all of them, visit the Blog Roll  page. Have fun!


  1. I am a lyrics girl too- I love reading in the meanings and listening to the stories unfolding.
    And thank you for including me! I'm honored!

  2. Happy I found your blog! It's lovely and thank you for including me..

  3. @Miss Vinyl Ahoy:

    Glad to know that! :-) No, it's my honor to include you here. I really love your blog. I visit it a lot. :-) You really inspire me.


  4. @allthatglitters:

    I'm also happy to find yours! There aren't a lot of fashion bloggers in Abu Dhabi. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, we're the only ones that I know of. So, hang in there! Keep blogging and you will inspire more people! :-)


  5. oh thank you so much! ♥ will do the repost on this tomorrow.

  6. @Mahryska:

    You're welcome, ate! :)