Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brave New World

 Before I venture out into the world and start my search for mazuonas in the streets of Abu Dhabi, I wanted to write about the stylish women that inspire me first. My mom would always be on top of the list, but I think she deserves a whole entry on her own. So, I'm just going to share to you these women I know that inspires me on a daily basis. Each one of these women is part of the reason why this blog exists. They all share a love for style but they each have their own way of expressing it. I can't remember how many times I've told them whenever we see each other how much I love what they're wearing, whether it's their accessories, clothes, or shoes. And I wish that I took pictures of them back then. But, as they all say, style evolves with time. And with time, it just keeps getting better.

Kristina Chahine

I met Kristina when I was seventeen and looking for a good Fashion school in the city. She was (and still is) employed as one of the professors of the newly-opened Fashion Design Program of Al Khawarizmi International College, the school that I eventually went to. She was my teacher for Fashion Drawing & Illustration and Fundamental Design, which I am thankful for. She taught me everything I know and so much more. Every single day of those classes, I would always find myself looking under her table to look at her shoes. She would always have ballet flats or strappy sandals on, but a different one each day. And I would stare at and drool over them everyday. And even if she never admits it, I think she's getting tired of hearing me compliment her every time we see each other. But, I believe that her style deserves to be recognized. She also gave me the impression that one cannot wear any color but black. But, she has this way of wearing it that makes everything so interesting, classy but comfortable. And if only I was her size, then I would definitely ransack her whole wardrobe.

Mercy Lamosi Imoudu

It was one fine afternoon when a tall, African girl walked into our Fundamental Design class adorned with colorful bead accessories. Used to walking around in a sea of black and white, I believe she was the most colorful person I've ever seen in my life. Later on, I have learned that Mercy's personality is as colorful as the bead accessories she makes.
You would rarely see her wear something plain, unless it's her work uniform, which requires her to wear black from head to toe. But, that doesn't stop her from accessorizing as much as she can. She would always see to it that her clothes reflect her fun and confident personality. Her character is contagious. With the time we have spent together in and out of school, she has become my constant reminder to always be at and look my best. She doesn't know it but with the little things she does (or in this case, the little things she wears), she has given confidence to a girl I know who just wanted to blend in but was born to stand out.

Manal Ismail

When we were planning the Mazuona Photoshoot, I asked her what she would wear. The photoshoot's main theme was personal style, so the models would wear their own clothes. And Manal simply answered, "The dress I wore when we first met." I racked my brain and tried to remember which dress was that, but came up blank. On the day of the shoot, I remembered that this particular dress was actually what made us friends. In our school, you would rarely see people wear a dress over stockings or leggings just like I do. They would normally wear abayas, long skirts or jeans. She caught my eye that day, and I complimented her on what she was wearing. We talked more and realized that we have a lot of things in common other than our personal style. From that day on, we became very close friends. Manal is someone who you would think is timid and quiet, but she's actually the total opposite. Once you get to know her, you would see how spunky she truly is. She's adventurous and loves to try out new things, especially when it comes to dressing up. People will say that she's crazy because she's different, but to me, she's creative and fearless.

Gina Paras Niegas

Out of the four of them, Gina is the one that I do not see very often. In fact, I've known her for quite a while, but it was only recently that I met her in person. I don't know if it's just coincidence that she was wearing a bright, yellow top for the shoot but, ever since I met her, I've associated her with anything happy. And for me, yellow is a happy color. I remember when we were introduced, we greeted each other as if we've known one another for such a long time. She's very friendly, and even without wearing something bright, she can definitely brighten up the place with her smile and humor.

So, who are those people that inspire you everyday? A woman you saw crossing the street? The lady that just passed you by? Your hair stylist? These women are just a few of many sources of inspiration. They don't have to be famous to become an inspiration. You don't have to be famous to become one. Just be yourself. Love who you are. And soon enough, people will love that person too. Be your own mazuona. 


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