Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 First of all, sorry for posting this late! Something came up so I failed to finish it last night. Anyway, yesterday was one of the most heartbreaking days of fashion ever. I went to the Abu Dhabi Mall to pick up my newly-purchased Nikkor 50mmf1.8 lens, and to check out the LANVINXH&M Collection as well. But much to my dismay, the sales people of H&M told me that the collection was sold out within the first hour. :( It was really sad. I really wanted to get the shirts and the blazer.

I spotted Hessa at the H&M entrance. We actually went inside at the same time, and asked for the Lanvin Collection. We were both flabbergasted about what happened. And then her gilet caught my eye. I just had to ask her if I could take a couple of photos. We ended up talking about everything from the Lanvin collection, Abu Dhabi's fashion scene, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, and even cameras. She was really nice to talk to. And I'm so happy that I met her! So, this entry's for you Hessa! :-)
Hessa Al-Khalifa, 23 

Bag: Alexa/Mulberry

Ooh, what's that on her hand? Is that the official The Mazuona business card? ;)

Fell in love with her gilet from Sinequanon!

Lovely earrings too!

Spotted this Malaysian lady by the H&M store also :-)   

I guess I could say that my first 'Tuesdays with Mazuonas' went well. See you again next week for more 'Tuesdays with Mazuonas'!

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