Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Mazuona Revamped

Today marks the start of The Mazuona's second month. And I know that it seems silly that I'm actually celebrating it, but I am. Every single day that this blog still exists and that I haven't given up on it is really a miracle. So like I said on a previous post, to celebrate its second month, I'd be coming up with ideas that would spice up this place a little bit, if not more. :-)

Due to my recent burned out experience also known as Blogger's Blocks, which fashion bloggers (and bloggers in general) are very familiar with, I had to seek help from the Independent Fashion Bloggers. No, they're not a rehabilitation center for bloggers who experience this, they're even better. I read and went through each of their entries about tips on how to overcome the blocks, and found that they all have a common solution: an Editorial Journal/Calendar.

As I have mentioned on the said previous post, an Editorial Journal is sort of a to-do list. But instead of assignments/projects/chores, we have blog posts, or at least the topic that you would want to write about for the week, or even a month. When I started this blog, I didn't have an idea that such a thing exists. If I'd known, then I probably wouldn't be stressing over what to write next, or feeling pressured that I'm not updating as often as I should.

And how will this editorial journal help me to keep this blog alive? It will basically just keep things organized for me, and interesting for you guys. So, during the Eid holidays, I exhausted my creative juices and came up with an editorial journal that I will, more or less, follow through until this blog dies. I came up with various types of posts that I will write about every week that explores different topics. Of course, this is still subject to change. I don't like staying in a routine for too long. But for now, I'd like some stability. ;-)

So, without further ado, I present to you the official Editorial Journal of The Mazuona:

Style-spiration Sundays
To start off the week, I will be discussing the people, places, and even objects that inspire me. After all, this blog is made out of and for inspiration. Like what Gabriel Garcia Marquez said, "Inspiration gives no warnings." I believe in that so much. Anything can inspire us! And I would love to hear what inspires you too. This blog is not just about me. If possible, I will also ask the people who has inspired me to share their inspiration with you.

And if you are interested, I would love it if you will share with me your sources of inspiration via email/comments. :-)

Must-have/Look of the Week Mondays
A fashion blog wouldn't be a fashion blog if we don't have this kinds of posts from time to time. I will be alternating between sharing 'Must-haves' and 'Look of the Week' simultaneously.

The 'Must-have' will feature particular pieces/accessories/shoes/bags/makeup/beauty products that I believe every woman should possess. This items are classy, timeless, and stylish. They are definitely trademarks and symbols of a true woman. You can also share with me those items that you think is a must-have. :-)
Prices and where to buy them will be included, if possible.

The 'Look of the Week' is a collage of outfits that I will put together to come up with a total look. And to help me with that, I created an account in Polyvore, a site that enables you to create look/outfit collages. It's really fun! Because it helps you to develop your creativity while playing with and expressing your style.

Click the photo to be redirected to :-)
What you can do at Polyvore
Exciting and fun, right? :-)

I'm sure most of you know about this website, but if not, create your account now and share your looks with me! I would love to feature your creations here! :-) If you like the outfits on the sets/collections, you can click each piece to know where you can buy them and for how much. Easy as 1-2-3, right? :-)

Tuesdays with Mazuonas
The main purpose of this blog is to feature stylish women of Abu Dhabi, specifically those women we can find going about their daily businesses in the streets. But for a lot of reasons (excuses), I still wasn't able to do that. I'm not giving up on the idea entirely. I still believe that the readers should see and be inspired by this women the same way they inspire me.

So, every Tuesday, I would spend a little bit of my time exploring the streets of Abu Dhabi to take photos of mazuonas that I would find as I go along the way. I see a lot of them everyday, but I am always too shy to ask. But I hope that this time I wouldn't be. It would be such a waste if you won't get to see what I am blessed to see everyday. So, wish me luck! :-)

Wardrobe Wednesdays
I've always been shy taking outfit photos mainly because I think I'm not skinny enough. Majority of fashion bloggers, especially those who blog about their outfit photos, are from approximately size 6-12. (See Lookbook.nuPlus-sized bloggers has been an on-going issue in the fashion blogging world for quite a while now, and I still haven't shared my opinion about it. Wait for it!

Being plus-sized doesn't bother me, at least not aesthetically. But, it does bother me health-wise. The point is, I'm kind of insecure about it.  I can get really conscious, especially when I know that there are people who can see it. But I think that if I try it and do it long enough, then I can get rid of  that insecurity and eventually, build up my confidence.

And I've been dying to share my closet with you! I think I have a lot of interesting pieces that might help you out in one way or another. This is also my way of advocating for plus-sized women, that they can also be stylish and comfortable in their own skin. :-)

Tips-y Thursdays
Fashion tips, Style tips, Beauty tips! Everything can be at your fingertips every Thursday here at The Mazuona! I will be researching a lot, and maybe ask out people from the industry who I know will be able to help you fashionistas out there with your highs and lows in fashion, style, and beauty.

This way, you won't have to buy magazines. You just have to visit this blog for your queries. If you have any specific problem/question/just anything that you need help with, please do send me an email! You know the drill. :-)

Formspring Fridays
This is another 'collaboration' with a third-party website,, is a website where you can ask questions from the users. I have created an account, and placed a widget on my sidebar so that you can ask questions without going to my formspring page.

Every Friday, I will answer your questions, and post the answers here. Questions that are NOT in any way related to Fashion, Style, and Beauty will not be answered.

I'm pretty excited for next week. I can't wait to start all the entries. As you can see, almost everything is interactive, which means that there will be a lot of interaction between you and me. I hope that you guys won't be shy to ask questions, post comments, and share your thoughts with me. I would really appreciate that, and I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can. So, like I always say, please don't hesitate to talk to me. Give me suggestions, comments, and ideas!:-)

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, I don't have anything for Saturday. I wanted to put one, but I figured that this would be a rest day for me to reboot and recharge for the coming week. After all, God also took a rest on the last day after He created the world, right? :-)

I am looking forward to the coming weeks, and I hope that you guys will enjoy reading the upcoming entries as much as I will enjoy writing them. Thank you again for all the support!

Always love,

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