Thursday, December 9, 2010

Of stripes, hearts, and bows

(Oversized striped top by H&M, Ankle boots by Forever 21, Aviators by ALDO, Golden bow earrings by H&M
Grandmother's vintage necklace, Vintage bangles)
I fell in love with this top the first time I laid my eyes on it at that crazy sale in H&M a week back. My friends and I were just casually strolling around the mall in front of H&M when we realized that they were on sale, and so we darted inside. You'll  never guess how much this costs. I bought it for 9 DHS, which is roughly $2.45. *insert jaw-dropping here* I know. It's one of the things that I love about H&M.

It's quite a general rule in fashion that when one wears horizontal stripes, their width would increase. Funny, I don't feel and I don't think that I look big in this. Even my mom said so. She said that I looked thinner. Was it the stripes, or did I really lost weight? :-) I'd say it's the stripes! ;-)

I got these cute ankle boots for my birthday this year. It has a bow on one side, and that was what made me buy it. They actually don't have my size here in Abu Dhabi. They ran out of stock. So just imagine how glad I was when I found my size in Dubai and they were the last pair. The last pair. Can you imagine that? I don't know why I always seem to find myself in these situations. Haha. I don't know why, but I always tend to buy suede boots. Do you think leather is better? Let me know. :-)

The heart locket and the bangles have always been with me. The locket is actually a family heirloom. It was passed on to my little sister originally by my dearest grandmother. How it managed to land in my hands? Don't ask. Just know that I didn't steal it from her. :-) On the other hand, I bought these bangles about a year ago, and they kind of stuck with me along with the locket. They've become my signature pieces. You would rarely see me without them. :-) Check out the intricate details of the bangles! You'll fall in love!

This bag, which a lot of people call "the swing", is from Egypt. My dear aunt got it for me from Source when they visited Egypt earlier this year. I've always fantasized about having a bag that is exactly like this. It's funny because no one knew that I wanted one. I never told anyone. And during the time that I was looking for a bag that is sturdy and big enough to carry all my things, my aunt comes home with it. The beauty of it is that I didn't tell her a thing. She doesn't know that I was looking for a bag, let alone something like this. :-)

So now you know what I want for Christmas. This post might have just gave it away. ;-)

Photo courtesy of the little sister, thanks!