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LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture: THE NEXT THING

As soon as I laid my eyes on Stefan Salvatore wearing a black, leather jacket on the pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries, I knew I'd fallen in love. Not with Stefan. Well, with him too. But, with his leather jacket and how he made it look bad ass and mysterious. And then sweet but tough Elena Gilbert comes into the picture wearing a similar one for girls, and I knew that I needed to get myself one. 

I've always fantasized about walking the streets in a leather jacket, sun glasses on, with my hair tied up carelessly in a beautiful bun, looking very mysterious. Like, not wanting to stand out but standing out just the same. I believe mystery draws people in, and sometimes it can give the best first impressions.

True, Abu Dhabi is not really the best place to wear leather jackets with our constant, almost-whole year round humid climate. But it won't hurt, won't it? I mean, if you're going to wear leather by LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture, won't it be worth it?

Sometime last week, I received an email from Philippe Anton, a french designer who specializes in exotic leather and fur jackets. He sent me photos of their recent collection  and to say that I was blown away would be the understatement of the century. Each piece was fierce, exquisite, and very sexy.

Wearing leather could have been a taboo in the fashion world, for all we care. We don't see a lot of people wearing leather, especially in this part of the world due to the climate. But, since this year is the official comeback year of the leather or rather the biker look, why don't we try shaking things up by getting one (if not all!) of these exquisite pieces? It comes with fur too. How's that for hitting two birds with one stone?

Not a lot of designers can pull of mixing fur and leather in one garment, but I think that LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture got this one in the bag. The cuts are very smooth and comfortable. I don't think I'd be complaining even if I'm under the heat of the scorching sun with this on. Who knew leather could be this soft?

These photos spoke a thousand words, but I needed a thousand more to get to know this up and coming hip brand. So I sent in a few questions for them to answer. Read on, guys.

1.      First, why the name LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture? It sounds very sexy though, very fitting for your brand. Does it mean something?

Regarding your article, your first question is an interesting one. The name of our fashion house underscores our commitment to put our models over time. Actually, in French, LAS8 is pronounced « La Suite ». It means « the following », or ‘the next thing’, regarding the continuity of our collections and style which have to remain coherent and timeless. This is also why the « 8 » becomes an «∞ » in our emblem.
It also reminds a luxury hotel suite, which is for us very interesting in terms of universe for our fashion house. The universe LAS8 wants to be noble and captivating as a palace, awakening discovery, wonder and privilege throughout the stay.

2.      There have been quite a lot of designers who are also inspiring from leather, what makes your brand different from the rest?

Furs and exotic skins are a true passion for my partner and I. We can create and work on exotic skins during all the day. It’s a real inspiration source for us. We are fascinated by the animal world. We love working with interplay of 2 or 3 different leathers and colors on each model, and we manage to create assortments are innovating on the market, for exemple with our stingray collar.

Each time we create a model, we want to develop a timeless creation. What is important for us is that our customer always finds the same pleasure to wear the model he or she has selected, year after year. Our models are designed like precious jewels.

What is important for us is to respect our commitments, rigor, and provide the highest quality to our customers. Be as exigent as could be to your clients. And above all, to always be in a dynamic of creation and discovery in order to preserve the excellence of each model.

Currently fewer craftsmen have the knowledge to work on these skins. France is recognized for years as an expert in this market. It's what makes each model unique and valuable. The work of skin and fur requires a true expertise.

3.      You said that Middle East is a good market for your brand. Are you planning to open a branch or a showroom here? If so, then when and where?

We are searching to develop our distribution channels worldwide with luxury multi-brand boutiques, and Middle East would be a great opportunity for us. It offers a prestigious display, that is in coherence with our brand and this is the reason why we want develop partnership with it. 

For sure we plan in the future to open a showroom in the Middle East especially on Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which will be our priority location. But to give you a precise date is hard for us right now.

We would like to be introducing on the Middle East Market as soon as possible. We feel that our creations are appreciated there and fashionistas share same value and refinement as us.

4.      Using animals for fashion, especially endangered ones, are a big issue in the world right now. I understand that you are under the agreement of the Washington Convention and that you are taking certain measures to make sure that it is safe for everyone. But can you elaborate more? Or just a brief explanation will do.

Yes of course it’s really important for us to secure all species we use. All our lambskin comes from serious tannery in France. It’s important to know that these lambs are not only use for the ready to wear.
These lambs are destined for the textile and food market. We do not kill for pleasure. We have planned to work the Orylag fur which is similar to Chinchilla with a better density quality of hair. These animals are also destined for the textile and food market. The controls are very strict.

Moreover, the Convention of Washington allows to preserve these species. Many wildlife species in trade are not endangered, but the existence of an agreement to ensure the sustainability of the trade is important in order to safeguard these resources for the future.

To secure the exotic skins market for example for the Alligator, permit to make research within farms in order to preserve this species.

Finally, we want to educate our customers : exotic skin and furs justify that you should take care of your jacket, that you have to respect what you are wearing, simply because it comes from an animal, and not from a synthetic yarn. 

Leather brings this unestimable and untouchable value that is necessary in our vision to create exceptionnal and timeless models and this, only if we respect the agreement of the Washington Convention. This is important that our Customers understand this philosophy.

5.      What should your customers look forward to in your future collections?

We're already working on the second collection. The Alligator and the Niloticus will be honored. As mentioned previously, the fur Orylag will also be part of our creations. We always try to discover new skins, and new processes of confection. New designs will be present for jackets but always in order to sublime the feminine curves and structure the masculine silhouette.Each model that we develop is synonymous with rarity and prestige.

We have planned to expand our range of clothes for the second collection. However, we wish to remain experts in luxury jackets and become a market reference. If we expand our range of raw material, we are still working primarily exotic leathers, furs and lambskins.

This season we chose to focus on the bolero for the woman, symbol of glamour and seduction. For the second collection we want to work on long cuts but also on suit jackets while remaining faithful to the spirit and elegance at the heart of the brand.

LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture is really a brand to watch out for. Their jackets are a real must-have, something that each woman and man should have in their closet. Let's just pray, mazuonas from the Middle East, that this amazing brand will grace us with their presence soon.

But if you can't wait, do contact them through their website: You can also give them a call at 09 81 03 41 76. Drop them an email at Or go to their showroom located in: 3 Place Boulnois 75017 Paris.

All photos and information are courtesy of Philippe Anton, co-founder of LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture.

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