Monday, February 14, 2011

Unity in Diversity

You know just how much I am in love and passionate about Korea. So, you'll never guess how happy I was when I found out that they will be participating in The Bride Show. I made a mental note to visit their booth the first day that I will be there. It was a good thing that their booth was set up near the the runway, so it was easier for me not to worry if the show is starting already or not.

They were doing nail art, selling some fashionable Korean products, and my favorite, writing people's names in Korean! I definitely had to get mine done! And so I did. :)

This is Sun, a newly-found Korean friend. She wrote my name in Korean. :)

Kamsahamnida Sun! :)
Here I am with my name written in Korean! :)
Loving this H&M dress and check out my geek glasses!
I've been wearing that a lot, so try and spot me in a crowd. :)

 I stayed in their booth longer than anyone else's. And if I had the choice, I would stay there the whole day. But it was really fun talking to them. We bonded over KPOP and our favorite KPOP bands.

So, I brought the little sister the following day to let her see for herself. You see, she's passionate about Korea as well. She even learned their language. And she does look Korean, right?

The little sister with her new Korean  friend :)

Notice what she's wearing? It's called a Hanbok. And it's Korea's traditional dress. It is always worn with bright colors. They usually wear this during New Year's or other traditional celebrations. It's similar to a Japanese kimono, but as you can see they have very different cuts. The jeogori or that piece covering the upper body and arms ends just below the chest, hanging loosely until the hem. On the other hand, the japanese kimono is tied at the waist.

Love her hanbok! It makes me think of Snow White Korean version :)
It was fun meeting everyone at the Korean booth. We even joined the "Win a trip to Seoul for Two" raffle contest, just for the fun of it. And well, we want to go to Seoul. So, I hope we win! :)

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