Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wellbeing goes hand in hand with Aura-B

With new designers on board, well-being and shopping with

It’s the time of the month when everyone relaxes, looks back how beautifully the year has begun.
The wellbeing syndrome creeps in and why not indulge?

Let’s indulge in some online fashion therapy for the month of March at Happiness and
prosperity surround the wellbeing element and this is what we are celebrating at Aura-b, we want
you to feel the sense of joy, happiness, relaxation and the comfort of shopping from a click away.

Dive into’s online fashion world and spoil yourself surfing across more than 95
worldwide who will offer you their unique collection.

New creations to purchase from Aura-B

Dig into Drama queen for your sultry evenings out, as the brand name suggests, there’s some
immense drama playing around with clothes and different looks from this brand. Try Marshmallow
for beautiful march afternoon’s very subtle, flirty, pure indulgence is what this brand in our new
arrivals screaming out to us. Discover Catertainment chairs for adding some oomph to your living
room with these funky arm and bar chairs. Who said chilling at home is for the old heart?

Time to relax and enjoy... Play that Buddha bar lounge music, browse through and
savour your online shopping.

Check out their site and indulge!

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