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[Press Release] Amore, amore! Fall in love at Galeries Lafayette

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I received this in the mail today. It's a press release from Galeries Lafayette about their Valentine's promo entitled, "So...In Love." from February 7-14, 2011. They will be having a lot of activities that not only couples but single ladies and men will also enjoy. So, if you're looking for something to do for this year's Heart's day, head over to Galeries Lafayette this week to participate in their event! :)

-          Love is in the air at Galeries Lafayette, with upcoming “So… in Love” week.
-         Fall in love with the latest collections, a romantic gift zone, an adorable heart-matching game and the wall of love.   

Love is in the air at Galeries Lafayette, which will be launching its “So… in Love” week from February 7 until February 14, showcasing the best of its latest divine collections, a romantic gift idea zone, and an in-store game of the perfect match; additional to amazing Valentine Gourmet offers at Lafayette Gourmet. Within the Galeries, there will also be a wall devoted to love with a wall of adorable messages between lovers, and a photographer to capture the perfect couples’ smiles. 

“For this is Saint Valentine's Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.”

Valentine’s Day; the perfect celebration of affection for the happiest of couples. The roses, the gifts and the love are enjoyed by couples everywhere. And nowhere will the magic of Valentine’s Day be more prevalent than at Galeries Lafayette’s “So… in Love” week.

For Her

For Him

Of course, the gifts make for one of best parts of Valentine’s Day. What better way is there to show your affection than by buying your lover the perfect gift? The most wonderful gifts speak of the heart, and of the person receiving them. And for this, Galerie Lafayette will dedicate a zone to the best gift ideas, featuring items from Lafayette Gourmet, the home section, and the perfumes and accessories sections.

Dressing fabulously is also a key to the perfect Valentine’s Day. It is the day when lovers look their best for each other, radiating their affection for one another. And Galerie Lafayette is here to help, with displays showcasing the latest in this year’s fashion trends from its most sumptuous collections.

Lovers can also display their affections by visiting Galerie Lafayette’s wall of love, a wall displaying heartfelt messages from one to another, along with beautiful photos of happy couples across a romantic landscape. Lovers visiting the store will be able to have their photos taken, capturing a moment of pure romance. They’ll be able to keep the photos for their own collections, or else put them on the wall, declaring their affection to the rest of the world.

And where would Valentine’s Day be without the prospect of being able to find the perfect match? “So… in Love” week’s heart-matching game will certainly have customers searching far and wide. Upon entrance, every customer will be given one half of a broken heart, with the other half residing somewhere among the various adorable brands. Find the other half, and you’ll be given a 10 per cent discount to go on top of the already fabulous discounts of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

So, for the perfect Valentine’s experience, visit Galerie Lafayette from 7 February to 14 February, where even the coldest of hearts will be melted by the romance in the air. Also don’t forget to book your food orders or dinners at Lafayette Gourmet on 04-3827335.

Here is their menu:

Gourmet Valentine Menu 2011
Set Menu 199 AED or a la carte

Foie gras terrine, date chutney and lavosh crisp
65 AED
Crabmeat salad with caviar crème fraiche and confit tomato
49 AED

Japanese scallop, wagyu beef cheek ravioli, bourguignon sauce
42 AED
Lobster bisque with shellfish cigar, truffle chantilly cream
39 AED

Main course
Butter poached halibut, tarragon gnocchi, creamed leeks and warm tomato dressing
99 AED
Confit of wagyu striploin with artichoke, scallion mashed potatoes and truffle jus
125 AED

Trio of ice cream hearts with snap crackers and raspberries
29 AED
Chocolate fondant with chocolate mousse and cream anglaise
29 AED

Coffee Tea and Chocolates

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