Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Studded: The Bride Show First Day Aftermath

It has already been a week since The Bride Show Abu Dhabi has swept us away, but the memory stays fresh in my mind. Contrary to popular belief that the first day won't be crowded as the next one, well this show's first day was. The place was really big, occupying Halls 5-7 of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

I had a good one hour before the fashion show started, so I took the time to look around a bit. It seemed like the exhibitors and organizers had an unspoken theme for this year's exhibit, because I felt like I was walking in an exotic garden. There were flowers everywhere, from tables, gazebos, chairs, cakes, to dresses themselves. It was more than a pretty sight.

I wonder how much time they've put into preparing, decorating, and moving in everything inside ADNEC. Regardless, they've done a wonderful job, don't you think? Let's congratulate them for a very successful exhibit! Mabrook to everyone who gave their best! It was truly a success!

These lovely dresses are designed by Jugger of Primera Moda. And guess what? Jugger is actually a Filipino. It makes me proud! I wanted to talk to him more about his designs and their collection, but he had a lot of customers at that time and the show was almost starting. So, I would be meeting with him sometime soon for an interview. I find interviews very fun now. I love getting to know and getting close with designers. They inspire me a lot. :)

Diamonds are a girl's best friend
That thought came into my mind when I saw Tony Yaacoub's creations brought to life. The whole show was really studded. Studded dresses. Studded with media. And most importantly, studded with a lot of people! The place was packed. Even the press area was packed as well. I was sad not to get a good vantage point. But I've got to do what I came to do, which was to take photos. So, I just did my best. And I actually enjoyed this angle. It made me work extra harder.

Please don't make me choose which one I love from all of them. I was literally blown away. Each dress is more stunning and more beautiful than the previous one. Tony Yaacoub is a genius. I wish I was able to talk to him after the show, but he was so busy and hard to get a hold of. I hope I can talk to him the next time he comes to Abu Dhabi. :)

Tony Yaacoub with his lovely models

I left the show early, because I still had things to do for school. It's really too bad that I was only able to catch the first show. I know I missed out on a lot, especially after they revealed Mona Al Mansouri's Butinah-inspired dress. It was very well-done and for a good cause. :)

from The Bride Show Facebook page

I felt like Ariel, the Little Mermaid, was walking down the runway. It's absolutely beautiful. Let's hope that more designers will get inspired to create something for a good cause. There's been a fair amount of them recently, so I hope that there will be more for this year. :)

The first day of The Bride Show was indeed a success! It exceeded expectations, if I may say. There were really a lot of people who came, considering that it was a weekday. All the effort of the organizers, sponsors, exhibitors, designers, and the whole staff totally paid off. I want to congratulate The Bride Show team again for a job well-done! It's definitely one of the best shows that Abu Dhabi has seen. :)

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