Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Return of the TSAR ♥

I fell in love with LAS8 Paris Maison De Couture last February when they sent me an email about their first collection of exotic leather jackets. I have never seen leather jackets this creative and exquisite until I saw their creations. The first collection was an 11 out of 10. Each piece has a personality of its own but still gives off that kind of sexiness that only LAS8 can show. And now they're back again with their latest collection, TSAR. And this time around, each piece is more. Sexier. More exquisite. More creative.

And I am thankful to be able to be one of the first people that gets a peek of this collection. So, I'm sharing it with all of you so may find inspiration just like I did. :)

Opus, the exclusive piece that highlights their collection

And once again, Philippe Anton, one of the co-founders of LAS8 Paris Maison De Couture, was very kind enough to answer a few questions I have for them regarding their new collection.

  1. How did you get this inspiration? 
This is never an easy answer. We take inspiration of many things.

I would say that the first source is the leathers we are working with. As we try to work with different type of skins interplays, the reflection on the skins is a serious and inspiring exercise for us. When we decide to work with one specific leather, we have to think about a lot of questions (Is this leather a coherent choice regarding our creations? What can be relevant with this leather? For women? Men? Both ?…) what lead us to a precise model that we can improve. We are always working with a “work in progress” process.

In terms of pure design or details, our inspiration comes from many sources, such as history, cinema, art and architectures, but also famous or important people that we like to “dress”...

Regarding specifically the Tsar collection that we have just presented to you, we can say that we have played with two adjectives that we appreciate in a woman : strong (in terms of personality) and refined. Generally speaking, our creations are always thought to answer one condition: to sublime the woman who is wearing it.

  1. Why did you choose crocodile leather for your collection?
First, we work only with rare leathers what leads us to keep looking for new types of skins (in term of color, finition, species). It is important for us to share our passion in our creation with people and provide exclusive jackets with other leathers. For this collection, crocodile skin and stingray leather have been “honoured”.

To be true, we have been willing to work with Crocodile leather for a long time. So it was a priority for us to work and design a model in this wonderful and noble leather, and we created the OPUS jacket.

Crocodile leather is for us very precious. It is a “refined and strong” material. Even if this is not the easiest leather to work with (technically), we truly believe that it reveals a while side to the jacket, while remaining also « classy ».

Then, our clientele is sensitive to crocodile leather, which is one of the most luxuous. This is also a necessity for us to meet our customers’ expectations and to propose creations that will touch them.  

  1. How is crocodile leather different from the typical leather? 
Crocodile leather has some specificity which has to be taken into consideration if you want to appreciate it as much as we do.

The design of the skins depends on the species and the differences between the species are obvious when you look attentively at each type of crocodile skin. New Guinea and Niloticus are our favourite.

The work of this leather requires specific skills, especially for the cutting process. We work with specialized workshop that guarantees us the best quality and finishing.

In term of design and style, the crocodile skin offers a lot of opportunities: lot of finishings are proposed by our tanneries (shining…), the older the crocodile was, the bigger is its skin  and its “shells”. For this collection, we choose to work with quite old crocodile skins, which are rare and also more “precious”.

4. Why did you choose to name your collection 'TSAR'? Is there a story behind it?

Regarding the name of our collection, it represents a lot of symbol for us. First, the Tsars were great art collector, with the wish to get a unique and prestigious collection. Our fashion house shares this spirit and we like to think our creations like “art” and the prestigious leather we work with are the key of this reflection and of the unique side of the model. 

Each of our models is considered as an artwork, whose owner is the ambassador. 

We end up with the name of TSAR at an exhibition about the ROMANOV’s art collection in Paris. With the name TSAR, we refer to the illustrious and legendary history of Russia, which exerted its influence on a large part of the world and which is still a worldwide symbol.

The TSAR collection definitely exceeded expectations. And this just made me excited for their upcoming collections. Truly, LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture, as their name suggests, never fails to come up with the next (big) thing.

To get more information on this collection, you may go to LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture's Official website here. All photos are courtesy of Philippe Anton, co-founder of LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture.

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