Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pre-loved. Not Pre-owned.

Every girl has a dream to own the 'It' item. Whatever 'it' is. Whether 'it' is a bag, an accessory, a pair of killer shoes, or a must-have dress. But these must-haves doesn't always have to be new.

Nowadays, vintage items are gaining popularity. I believe that they have more value than brand new ones. And in my personal opinion, vintage items have more meaning. For all you know, you could be buying an item that was previously owned by Audrey Hepburn, or even the Queen. Regardless of the previous owner, each item has a story. And each story is a source of inspiration.

 But how do you know if a certain vintage item is genuine? Are vintage items more expensive than brand new ones? Where can you find reliable vintage shops? If you think shopping is an adventure, then vintage shopping is a war. You have to be prepared and be aware. But most of all, you have to be prepared for competition. There's a lot of people who are also on the lookout for unique vintage pieces, so you have to be quick on your toes.

So how do we simplify and make vintage shopping convenient? This is where Rewind Vintage enters our life.

Rewind Vintage is an online vintage boutique that sells unique vintage pieces dating back from the 1950s up till the present. Founded by friends, Claudia Ricco and Yasmina Khanlari, Rewind Vintage is capturing fashionistas' hearts all over the world with their wide range of vintage branded items, focusing mainly on bags and accessories. They have a great selection of items from top brands like Chanel and Hermes.

But why should you opt for vintage items in Rewind Vintage?

Rewind Vintage has been created for women who want a little more out of their shopping adventures. In their own words, they want high-quality vintage fashion to be more accessible to women who want to 'look outside the box' when shopping. Aside from that, purchasing from Rewind Vintage, is enabling you to recycle fashion which will help us preserve the world. On top of that, a vintage is still a vintage. It's like wine. The value increases over time.

Items coveted by the Rewind Vintage

Rewind Vintage has made vintage shopping easier for all of us. It's true that vintage shopping is more difficult and more risky compared to shopping directly in shops. How can we guarantee the product's sustainability and quality? Rest assured that Rewind Vintage only gets from top-of-the-line sources they have all over the world. In fact, you can be one too!

some of the items they have on hand

Aside from that, they take meticulous measures to assure the product's quality. They grade them from 'Gently Used' to 'Pristine', so clients will know that the product they are buying is in good condition.  From the moment they received the items up to the moment they deliver it in front of your doorstep, Rewind Vintage makes sure that everything is carefully taken care of.

After all, it's Pre-loved. Not Pre-owned.

For more information, please do visit their website:

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